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Image Of Bass Lake CA In The Snow Bass Lake Realty
Bass Lake CA in Lovely Snow * Bass Lake Realty

More rain in January has raised the lake level by 3’5”. As of February 1, 2023, the lake level stood at minus 11’9”,at an elevation of 3365’. Typically it would be at about its normal wintertime level of minus 21 feet.


Image of CA Statewide Snow Water Levels Jan 2023
Image of CA Statewide Snow Water Levels Jan 2023


Image of Bass Lake Estates Road Closure Bass Lake Realty
Bass Lake Estates Partial Road Closure Bass Lake Realty

A portion of Dogwood Creek Drive in Bass Lake Estates has been closed since a culvert became compromised during the January rains.

Madera County is working with FEMA to arrange repairs.


Wishon – by Dwight Barnes

For a few years in the 1920s, Bass Lake was served by a fully accredited, common carrier railroad for which the town of Wishon was established in 1923.

Wishon was the mountain terminus of the Minarets and Western Railroad which extended 53 miles from THE western end of the Bass Lake Dam to Pinedale on the banks of the San Joaquin River just north of Fresno.

Solely owned by the Sugar Pine Lumber Company, the railroad’s primary purpose was to carry logs to a huge mill at Pinedale, but it was an official common carrier.

A privately owned, standard gauge railroad carried the logs from Central Camp across Bass Lake Dam to Wishon.

The town was named for A. Emory Wishon, who was active in the early development of hydroelectric energy using Bass Lake water and who became executive vice president of Pacific Gas & Electric Company, after it purchased the Bass Lake operation.

Although Sugar Pine Lumber Company failed after only eight years, the post office continued until 1986.

During those years, it was housed in what today is called Miller’s Landing. The store had been started by John McDougald, who was Wishon’s first postmaster.

born a railroad town, for many years Wishon showed remnants of cars and other railroad material.

PG&E in the Sierra – by Russell Westmann

Did you know that the Pacific Gas & Electric Company is one of the largest utilities in the United States?

Are you aware of where the first powerhouse was located in the Central Sierra or how the site became part of the PG&E hydroelectric generation system?

It all started in 1895 when J.S. Eastwood, civil engineer for the City of Fresno, and J.J. Seymour, formed the San Joaquin Light and Power Company.

In 1896 they completed construction of a powerhouse on the San Joaquin River between Auberry and North Fork.

This powerhouse (PH#1) was remarkable because it had head of 1410 feet (“head” is the drop from the top of the penstock to where it enters the power house) and transmitted power all the way to Fresno (37 miles), both engineering records at the time.

Unfortunately, the Fresno Gas & Electric Company resented the new competition and filed claim to the riparian water rights in Crane Valley (Bass Lake) thereby interfering with the reliable flow of water to Power House #1, located by the San Joaquin River about halfway between North Fork and Auberry.

This problem, coupled with several years of drought, forced this pioneering effort into bankruptcy in 1899. Both Eastwood and Seymour suffered heavy financial losses.

The San Joaquin and Electric Company was placed in receivership with John Seymour appointed as receiver. John Eastwood was no longer in the picture.

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To be continued in next Bass Lake Yosemite News



The Pines Resort 10:00am-2:00pm & 4:00-8:00pm Daily through March 31st Call 1-800-350-7463 for information


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Ducey’s March 17th, 11 AM to closing. Call 559-692-8857 for reservations.



Generally, under state law, one must obtain a real estate license in order to represent another in a real estate transaction. One can obtain a real estate license by taking required classes and passing a written test.

However, in order to be a REALTOR® , one must not only have a real estate license but must also subscribe to the Code of Ethics published by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). The word “REALTOR®” is a trademark of the NAR and its use identifies a person who has voluntarily joined the NAR and subscribes to its Code of Ethics.

REALTORS® are not just members of a
national trade association, REALTORS® also are typically members of a state and local association of REALTORS®, and agree to abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations of those associations.

The distinction between REALTORS® and those who only have a real estate license is so significant that in some states a person can have his or her real estate license revoked if he or she uses the term REALTOR® without actually being a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

REALTORS® pledge themselves to the Code of Ethics and related Standards of Practice covering duties to Clients and Customers, duties to the Public and duties to fellow REALTORS®. The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are available for viewing at:

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