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A Seller’s Market doesn’t fully describe what is going on in California right now for homesellers.

Let’s just say California Dreamin’ is alive and well right now, if you’re selling your home.

And the data proves it :

$200,000 Typical Gain

In 2020 sellers typically pocketed a net cash gain of $210,000 from the sale of their homes.

That’s a 63.8% increase from the purchase price.

16.5% to 100% Median Profit

In 2020, homesellers who lived in their homes for less than five years, earned a median profit of 16.5% from their sales.

Those who lived in their homes for more than 5 years typically earned a median profit of 100%.

Median Price Up 21.7%

California’s July median sale price is up 21.7% over last year.

Price growth this spring was the strongest in 42 years.

70.6% Of Homes Sold Over Asking Price

Over two thirds of homes (70.6%) sold for above asking price in July 2021.

Save On Property Tax

And here’s the cherry on top, property tax savings thanks to Prop 19.

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Welcome to a Seller’s Dream Flyer * Bass Lake Realty

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Active Residential Listings As Of August 31st 2020 vs 2021

Bass Lake Market Share By Total Dollar Volume

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Bass Lake Total Market Share by Volume Jan 2021 to Aug * Bass Lake Realty

How to Fire-Harden Your Home

Did you know embers are the most dangerous part of a wildfire?

Carried by the wind, they can land directly on your house and ignite it, even when the full blaze seems to be a safe distance away.

That means when it comes to fire safety, you have to consider every inch of your house as a potential vulnerability.

But there are steps you can take today to protect your home and your family to make sure each and every part of your home is “hardened” in preparation.


  • Consider re-roofing a roof built with shingles or wood. Use materials with a Class A fire rating, like composition shingles, tile or steel.
  • Inspect for and cover up any gaps in the roof to prevent falling embers from entering the house.
  • Cover up any open vents, including chimneys, with 1/8” mesh to keep out falling embers. Move any combustible items away from the vents, both inside and outside.
  • Consider remodeling wooden walls with ignition resistant materials like stucco, fiber cement or fire-retardant-treated wood.
  • Cover up rain gutters with screens to prevent leaves from accumulating.
  • Ensure that the only plants within 20 feet of the house are small, well-pruned plants with high moisture contents. Ideally, there will be no vegetation within five feet of the property.
  • Install multi-paned tempered glass to reduce the chance of windows breaking due to the heat of a fire, which then creates opportunities for embers to enter the house.
  • Make sure the home’s address is clearly visible from the street, which will make it easier for emergency vehicles to find the house.
  • Purchase at least one fire extinguisher for the house, two if there is a detached garage.


  • Regularly clean out rain gutters.
  • Remove dead plants or dry leaves from the property and regularly trim trees that come close to the house.
  • Clean outdoor decks to remove leaves that get trapped between deck boards.
  • Check re extinguishers annually to be sure they have not expired.
  • Ensure the driveway and local access roads are in good condition.

Sources: University of California Cooperative Education, Wildfire Preparation & Recovery; CAL Fire, Hardening Your Home.

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