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Community Meeting Update Courtesy Visit Yosemite Madera County

Hello Partners,

I attended the Community Meeting last night regarding the Washburn Fire.

Here is the link to the Facebook Page for Yosemite Fire and Aviation which has the feed from the meeting last night plus current updates:

As of last night the Incident Commander and Team #13 stated that the fire was about 22% contained and around 3,200 acres.  They have a Structure Defense Group stationed at Wawona with fire trucks and dozers to defend the historic town and homes in the area.  Mariposa Grove also has mobile crews in place.  At this time both areas seem to be doing well and have not sustained much damage.  He did not mention any mature Giant Sequoias being destroyed.  He said the fire is burning hot and slow. 

The Commander told us that they were able to bring in almost 20 Hot Shot crews as well as 40+ engines and about 12 dozers to handle this fire.  We are fortunate that we are not in a high fire season so there were crews ready and available.  They are looking at 100% suppression on this fire…he stated: “They are putting this fire out!” (Some fires they let linger a bit to do some controlled burning – that’s what I took from that statement.)

Someone asked why all the smoke, that it looked like the fire blew up yesterday…the Commander talked about the large timber that burns hot and long that creates a lot of smoke.  Another person asked about the threat to Fish Camp…he said that it was very low and that the fire was not advancing south at all.

They are reviewing repopulation of the evacuated areas (Wawona) and reopening of Highway 41 every 24 hours so they can get it open and repopulated asap.   Part of the danger at this point is the falling and fallen trees.

That’s all I have for now…let’s keep hoping that they get this one out quickly as all indications suggest!

Rhonda Salisbury, CEO/Film Commissioner

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